Self Build Resources: What Research Should I Be Doing?

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Self Build Research: 'Knowledge is Power' This week, we've spoken to Brian Singleton, of ADM Systems, as well as Lindsey Davis and Claire Lloyd, from the Editorial Team at Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine, for their views on how valuable research can be for Self Builders. Embarking on your Self Build journey can be a bit daunting without having the right ...
Home Automation Switch

Home Automation: Bring Your Self Build to Life

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Connected AV - Specialists in Home Automation Systems While planning and budgeting for your Self Build project, you've probably had a good think about what you want it to look like, how it functions as a home for you and your family, and how it performs in terms of energy efficiency. Many Self Builders also like to have the latest ...

Fresh Air, Fresh Perspectives: Benefits of MVHR Systems

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Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery: A System You Can Rely On With changes to energy regulations in house building scheduled for 2016, there are more and more Self Builders sounding out ways of making their homes as energy-efficient as possible. Whether they gain the official rating or not, many strive to emulate the PassiveHaus building standard - which is focussed on ...
ACA Office

‘A Week in The Life’ – Working for ACA

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What's Happening at ACA? Since 2009, Allan Corfield Architects Limited has been steadily growing in size and ambition. Having started out as a one-man band supplying designs for home extensions, ACA is now a team of 7 - a team making great strides in the one-off Self Build home sector. Director Allan Corfield has forwarded his expert advice on the ...
ACA Pinterest

Digital Mood Boards – The Benefits of Pinterest

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From Ideas to Design - Is Pinterest the Key to Your New Home? Coming up with ideas for your dream home can be seen as the easiest part of the Self Build process. One of the trickiest, however, is getting those ideas onto paper in the form of designs. How do you communicate your inspiration to your architect, your designer ...
active house

How to Apply the Active House Concept to Your Home

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What Is The "Active House" Concept, And How Do You Apply It To Your Home? Active House is a concept developed by Velux in Denmark, promoting energy efficient and sustainable living environments - whilst utilising natural light and renewable sources of energy. This notion encourages homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint, and often challenges architects to create innovative designs - in order to ...
Self Build Snow (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) at ACA

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The Benefits of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) As modern society continues to evolve with digital technology, the need for employers to improve the knowledge and skills of their staff also increases. Changing technologies, laws and standards can have a profound impact on industries - so being proactive towards these changes can be crucial for keeping businesses effective in their respective ...
low energy home sips

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

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What are SIPs? With the National Homebuilding & Renovating Show due to take place in Birmingham soon (22th/25th March), prospective Self Builders have the perfect opportunity to meet experts from every sector of the homebuilding industry. Allan Corfield Architects will be in attendance, and we will be offering our advice on all aspects of the Self Building process. We will ...
SIPs Home Underway

Money Matters: Do I Need a Self Build Mortgage?

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Financing Your Self Build - From Savings to a Self Build Mortgage When listening to queries at different Self Build shows and seminars, a popular topic is finance. There are many people across the country who would like to build their own home, but a large number are unsure what their options are for funding their projects. Everybody has different ...
Self Build Plot

Land Ahoy! – Don’t Lose the Self Build Plot

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Finding a Self Build Plot As contributors to many Self Build seminars and shows, ACA meet a variety of interesting people, all at different stages of their intriguing Self Build projects. Many have subscribed to the magazines, bought the books, watched every episode of every property programme on TV, and are bursting with ideas and enthusiasm. They've made their inspiration ...