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Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2018 in London – Preview

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Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2018 in London – Preview

Summer has come to an end, which means that the time has come for the fourth part of the Homebuilding & Renovating Show. The show will be returning to the ExCeL Centre in London and will take place over 3 days (21-23 September). 

This article presents our top recommendations to get the most from a day at the show; from the best seminars and masterclasses, to the experts and exhibitors  discussing crucial areas of Self Building. So if you are planning to build your dream home, this event will be the inspiration and motivation you need!

hbr show london

We know that being new to the world of Self Build can at times be daunting and overwhelming. There is so much information to learn and take in, however the more you learn, the better chance you have of a successful project. We therefore, created this guide, which is designed for the self-builder who is at the beginning of their journey. It will allow you to get the most out of the show and will support you in getting your Self Build project off the ground.

The three-day event will host almost 350 exhibitors providing the opportunity to discuss your project face-to-face with some of the industry’s top specialists. There will also be 60 seminars and masterclasses in four different theatres. We have selected the top 7 talks from the main theatres, and the top 7 exhibitors you should speak to in order to get the most of the show!


hbr show edinburgh 2018

The seminars at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2018 in London are divided between four theatres: Self Build, Masterclass, Home Improvement, and debuting in the London show, the Trade Secrets Stage. For a prospective self builder, the most valuable seminars will be presented in the Self Build theatre. There the self-build experts will be delivering talks on all the important parts of the Self Build process. Below are our top picks for the Self Build theatre:

Top 7 Self Build Theatre Talks: 

1. A beginner’s guide to building your own home
Jason Orme – Editorial Director at H&R Magazine
Everyday at 10:30-11:15

Discover how you can build your own individually designed home and save up to 30% compared to buying a new house. Learn how to find a plot, get a self-build mortgage, work out what you can afford to build for your budget, develop a design scheme and decide whether to use a builder, manage the project yourself or get involved on a DIY basis.

2. Design inspiration: how to add wow factor to your home
Charlie Luxton – TV Presenter and Architectural Designer (Saturday)
Allan Corfield – Self Build Expert at H&R Magazine (Friday & Sunday)
Everyday 12:00-12:45

Great design doesn’t need to be expensive but it can transform your living space. Leading architectural designers share their favourite home design details, inside and out, and the secrets behind how they are created. If you are looking for design ideas and inspiration, don’t miss this session.

3. How to find a reliable builder and compare quotes on a like-for-like basis
Bob Branscombe – Building Expert
Everyday at 12:45-13:30

Find out how to choose the right builder for your project, from local building firms, to main contractors and custom build ‘turn-key’ home providers. Learn how to check their credentials and make sure you are working with reputable firms. Discover the key to comparing quotes from builders to find the best value for money.

4. How A House Is Built – Homebuilding Explained Step by Step Guide
Mark Stevenson – Managing Director at Potton & Kingspan Timber Solutions Ltd
Everyday 13:30-14:15

This concise overview of how a house is built, step-by-step, from site clearance through to snagging will help anyone thinking of building their own home understand exactly what’s happening – or should be happening – on site at each stage. If you want to understand your first fix from your second, the difference between warranty and building control inspections, to what the traditional topping out ceremony is all about, don’t miss this vital session.

5. Beginners’ guide to creating a low energy home, from Zero Carbon to PassivHaus
Charlie Luxton – TV Presenter and Architectural Designer (Saturday)
Allan Corfield – Self Build Expert at H&R Magazine (Friday & Sunday)
Everyday 14:15-15:00

The ‘fabric first’ approach to low energy home design and renovation explained. Understand the best ways to optimise insulation values, the importance of balancing airtightness, ventilation, thermal mass and solar gain, plus how to choose the right heating system including renewable energy options for heat and power.

6. How to build your own home for under £100,000
Bob Branscombe – Building Expert at H&R Magazine
Everyday at 15:00-15:45

Discover how to build your home on a tight budget without sacrificing quality or size. Learn how factors such as your choice of materials, fixtures and fittings, design complexity, scale and effective project management all influence construction costs. Whatever your budget, this session will ensure you avoid waste and maximise value.

7. Home Design: A step-by-step guide to designing your dream home
Charlie Luxton – TV Presenter and Architectural Designer (Saturday)
Allan Corfield – Self Build Expert at H&R Magazine (Friday & Sunday)
Everyday 15:45-16:30

The design process explained, from concept sketches to planning drawings, from building regulations to detailed drawing packages. Learn how to make sure your home design meets your aspirations, ambitions, budget, and makes the very most of its location, by formulating a clear design brief and finding and appointing the right architectural designer.


hbr show london 2018

The Masterclass theatre will feature exhibitors who will demonstrate their products and share information from their area of expertise. If you are unsure of which structural system is best for your project or which renewables will be appropriate for you, there will be different 37 masterclasses to help you make up your mind. Below, we present our top 7 talks:

Top 7 Masterclass Theatre Talks: 

1. Harvest the power of nature to create the perfect indoor climate – understanding the benefits of renewable heating systems

21 September 11:00-11:20
NIBE Energy Systems Ltd
Stand: D130

2. The importance of specifying the correct glazing in passive and sustainable homes

21 September 12:30-12:50
Stand: E151

3. Incorporating Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) into your homebuilding or renovating project

21 September 15:00-15:20
ADM Systems
Stand: A163

4. How to fund your self-build or renovation project – a guide to stage payment mortgages

22 September 13:00-13:20
Stand: H150

5. All you ever wanted to know about building your own home using structural insulated panels (SIPS)

22 September 14:00-14:20
SIPS Industries
Stand: L175

6. Building control and structural warranties – ensuring compliance and cover

23 September 13:00-13:20
AEDIS Group – Building Control
Stand: G149

7. How to find the perfect plot or development opportunity and get planning permission – an insider’s view to land finding, planning and development

23 September 13:30-13:50
Millbank Group
Stand: H159


Homebuilding & Renovating Show Surrey

The Homebuilding & Renovating show in London offers the chance to get first-hand advice from many of the top self-build specialists in the UK. So bring your plans, ideas and any issues you have regarding your project to the Advice Centre. This is an amazing opportunity to get valuable information no matter what stage of your homebuilding project you are at. Some of the experts available to meet in London are:

Allan Corfield

Allan is a Chartered Architect and ACA’s founder, the Self Build Architectural practice, working on one-off homes throughout the UK. His goal is to provide prospective self builder’s with the inspiration, support, and education they require to build their own cost effective, energy efficient, dream home. You can read more about Allan here.

Michael Holmes

One of the country’s leading property experts, presenter of multiple property TV Shows and the Chair of NaCSBA – the organisation founded to support self builders throughout the UK. His book, ‘Renovating for Profit’, is the definitive guide to home renovations that make a difference to the value of your property. Michael cannot be missed by any conscious self builder.

Charlie Luxton

The presenter of ‘Building the Dream’, and an Architectural Designer specialising in sustainability. He has spent the last twelve years designing sustainable buildings, hosting television programmes about Architecture and design, working on environmental community projects and giving talks on all aspects of sustainability. If building a sustainable house is your priority, make sure you book your consultations with Charlie!

Tim Pullen

One of the biggest eco-expert in the industry. Contributor to many magazines and newspapers, including the Homebuilding & Renovating magazine. He regularly presents seminars and training on sustainable building and renewable energy, and has written three books on this. If energy efficiency is a priority for your project, you cannot miss this opportunity to speak to Tim!

Sally Tagg

A planning expert with a successful track record of achieving planning permission for a wide variety of clients including individual self-builders and land owners seeking to unlock the development potential of their land. If you think, that your project may be challenging in terms of achieving planning approval, or just want to give yourself peace of mind, consultation with Sally is recommended!


There will be over 360 exhibitors in the Homebuilding & Renovating show in London. Therefore you will have the chance to explore the various products and services they have to offer, which can be useful in supporting your Self Build dream come true. There will be companies who specialise in design, renewables, exteriors, interiors, financial services and much more. It wasn’t easy but we chose the top 7 exhibitors you should visit when planning a Self Build venture:

Top 7 Exhibitors To Visit: 

1. ADM Systems
Stand No. A163

If you are considering the installation of a heat recovery ventilation system (MVHR), then a visit to stand no. B115 should be high on your ‘exhibitors to see’ shortlist. ADM Systems offer a full range of services such as CAD design and proposals, site surveys, compliance advice, complete installation by BPEC approved engineers and full ventilation system maintenance and aftercare packages. They also offer a ‘buddy’ service for self-builders installing their own heat recovery systems.

2. Buildstore
Finance, Insurance & Mortgages
Stand No. H150

For the vast majority of self-builders getting a mortgage for building their dream home is a necessary mission. Buildstore offers mortgages for clients who are either building their own house, renovating or looking for a better rate on their current house while planning a project. Come over to stand no. D127 and check out what they have to offer.

3. Cembrit
Roofing, Bricks, Blocks, Cladding & Aggregates
Stand No. G137

Cembrit is a renowned multi-national manufacturer of roofing, cladding and interior building boards. In the UK Cembrit has built its reputation on being a reliable supplier of top quality double lap slates, both natural and fibre cement, which offer various formats, colours and surface effects. Its broad range provides clients the choice of authenticity and traditional random effect of natural slate or the consistent, sleek finish combined with the ease of handling of fibre cement slates.

4. IDSystems
Doors & Windows
Stand No. H115

Award-winning glazing experts IDSystems (Stand H115) head to the London Homebuilding & Renovating Show at ExCeL with their biggest ever exhibition stand featuring a massive range of innovative glazing products and systems suitable for almost any type of self-build, renovation or extension project.

5. Internorm
Stand No. E151

Internorm is a strong family business. From the birth of the UPVC window to the production of timber/aluminium windows and to the high-tech and high-design innovations nowadays, Internorm is setting standards Europe-wide. Continuous technological further development and continual new innovations make us a pioneer in the brand.

6. Planning Helpline
Professional Services
Stand No. K162

Expert planning advisors from Planning Helpline can help with all types of planning applications and planning appeals. They have an unrivalled record of success in achieving planning permission, both at first instance and on appeal, and are experienced in making and winning costs applications.

7. SIPS Industries
Structural Systems
Stand No. L175

If you want to build a low-energy house and are wondering what construction method to adopt, The National Homebuilding and Renovating Show is an amazing opportunity to speak with the companies offering sustainable home building solutions and to find the best one for your project. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) offer a modern, cost-effective, environmental and energy efficient solution to building construction. Come to stand no. L175 and have a chat with their specialists to find out if SIPs is for you.

The HBR Show boasts a plethora of information for a prospective self builder. The recommendations we have created are, in our opinion, the best solutions for people planning to build their dream home.

However, this doesn’t mean that the other seminars, experts or exhibitors are not worth seeing. Depending on the priorities of your project it may be more appropriate to attend other talks. It is worth the effort and time to prepare well for the show, as what you will learn will definitely influence the final outcome of your project!

Are you going to the HBR Show in London? What seminars, experts and exhibitors are on your shortlist? Have you already been to one? What are your opinions? Was it helpful? Do you have any advice for others? Share your opinions in the comment section below!

For more live tips on the Homebuilding & Renovating Show in London follow @acarchitects and @allan_corfield on Twitter.

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