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Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2018 In Harrogate – Preview

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Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2018 in Harrogate – Preview

After the success of the recent shows in Glasgow and Edinburgh, the Homebuilding and Renovating Show is returning to England. On the 2nd-4th of November, thousands will attend the three-day event at the Convention Centre in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. This year, the show will feature over 240 exhibitors ready to educate guests about their products and solutions from various areas of Self Build. 

As customary with the HBR shows, the organisers have prepared a variety of presentations that are aimed at educating and helping self-builders. This year’s show consists of 8 lectures in the Seminar Theatre and 35 Masterclass talks that will answer all the questions you have regarding your future home. In order to help you prepare for the event, we have created this preview article which will help you get the most out of your visit to the HBR show in Harrogate.

homebuilding renovating show harrogate 2018If you have not yet read our previous article regarding the HBR shows 2018 – make sure you check it out! The article presents very useful tips that will help you to get the most out of the show.

Whether you are already building your house or have just begun initial research into the field of self building, this article is for you. Our team has selected the most valuable talks and masterclasses for self-builders. We have also prepared a list of experts you should speak to and exhibitors to attend, which will help you with any queries, from the optimal construction system to the renewables for your new home.


homebuilding renovating show harrogate

The seminars at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show in Harrogate are divided between two theatres: Seminar and Masterclass. In the first one, the self-build experts will be delivering talks on all the important parts of the self-build process. Below are our top picks for the Seminar Theatre:

Top 6 Seminars Theatre Talks: 

1. A beginner’s guide to building your own home
Jason Orme – Editorial Director at Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine
Everyday at 10:30-11:00

Learn how to build or commission your own individually designed home and maximise value and choice. Discover the secrets to plotfinding, how self-build mortgages work and how to establish what you can afford to build through to getting your home designed. Plus, how to decide whether to use a builder, manage the project yourself or get involved on DIY basis and reduce costs even further.

2. Planning Permission: How to find your way through the planning maze
Sally Tagg – Planning Expert at Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine
Everyday at 11:15-11:45

An introduction to the planning system. Discover the tactics that will maximise your chances of getting consent for your homebuilding or renovating project. Learn how the system works, who makes the decisions, how to influence them, when to compromise, when to appeal and more.

3. How to build your own home for under £100,000
Mike Cruickshank – Self Build and Timber Frame Construction Expert at Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine
Everyday 12:45-13:15

Discover how to build your home on a tight budget without sacrificing quality or size. Learn how factors such as your choice of materials, fixtures and fittings, design complexity, scale and effective project management all influence construction costs. Whatever your budget, this session will ensure you avoid waste and maximise value.

4. How to add wow factor: design Inspiration for your self build, renovation or conversion project
Allan Corfield – Self Build Expert at Homebuilding & Renovating
Everyday at 13:30-14:00

Discover the latest brilliant design ideas and how to incorporate them in your home to add wow factor and create something truly unique. Plus: an introduction to the design process, from choosing an architect or designer, to delivery of the finished project.

5. Inspirational kitchen design ideas: how to create the perfect family kitchen
Michael Holmes – Director of Content at Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine
Everyday at 14:15-14:45

Your step-by-step guide to creating the perfect kitchen, designed around your lifestyle. Discover how to make the most of the potential in your home to maximise the sense of space and light. Find out the fundamental design rules that make all the difference to a successful project.

6. Beginners’ guide to creating a low energy home, from Zero Carbon to PassivHaus
Allan Corfield – Self Build Expert at Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine
Everyday at 15:45-16:15

The ‘fabric first’ approach to low energy home design and renovation explained. Understand the best ways to optimise insulation values, the importance of balancing air tightness, ventilation, thermal mass and solar gain, plus how to choose the right heating system including renewable energy options for heat and power.


The Masterclass Theatre will feature exhibitors who will discuss their products and share information from their area of expertise. The Homebuilding & Renovating show in Harrogate will offer 35 masterclasses, below we present our top 7 picks for the show:

Top 7 Masterclass Theatre Talks: 

1. Adapting today’s technology within the modern home

2 November 11:00-11:20
Robinsons Integrated Solutions
Stand: B411a

2. Windows for eco homes: the importance of specifying the correct glazing in passive and sustainable homes

2 November 12:30-12:50
Stand: B448

3. How to manage your own building project efficiently and successfully

2 November 15:00-15:20
JS Building Consultancy
Stand: M124

4. Heat Recovery Ventilation: Incorporating mechanical heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) into your homebuilding or renovating project to improve air quality

3 November 12:30-12:50
ADM Systems
Stand: M140

5. How to integrate heat pumps and other low energy technologies into your home

3 November 16:00-16:20
Matrix Energy Systems
Stand: C305

6. A guide to gaining planning consent to build your home in the green belt, open countryside and other protected areas

4 November 11:30-11:50
NextPhase Development
Stand: B410

7. Protecting Your Project Against Risk: An essential guide to insurance, warranty and loss prevention for all building project types

4 November 15:00-15:20
Stand: B409


homebuilding renovating show harrogate

The Homebuilding & Renovating show in Harrogate offers the chance to get first-hand advice from some of the top self-build experts in the UK. So bring your plans, ideas and any issues you have regarding your project to the Advice Centre. This is an amazing opportunity to get valuable information no matter which stage of your homebuilding project you are at. Some of the experts you will be able to speak to in Harrogate are:

Top Experts For Consultations: 

Michael Holmes

One of the country’s leading property experts, presenter of multiple property TV Shows and the Chair of the NaCSBA – organisation founded to support self-builders throughout the UK. His book, ‘Renovating for Profit’, is the definitive guide to home renovations that makes a difference to the value of your property. Michael cannot be missed by any conscious self-builder.

Jason Orme

Jason Orme was the long-time Editor of Homebuilding & Renovating and is now Editorial Director. He has been writing about self-build and renovation for 18-years and during that time has given advice to hundreds of people taking on major building projects to their homes. He is an expert on all aspects of building or renovating from construction systems and finding land to energy efficiency and dealing with builders and in recent years has advised the Government on ways to make self-building easier for everyone.

Tom McSherry

BuildStore’s finance expert, Tom, has specialised in finance for self-build and renovation for 13 years. Over the years he has put together hundreds of financial loan deals especially for self-build and renovation projects throughout the UK.

Sally Tagg

A planning expert with a successful track record of achieving planning permission for a wide variety of clients including individual self-builders and landowners seeking to unlock the development potential of their land. If you think, that your project may be challenging in terms of achieving planning approval, or just want to give yourself peace of mind, consultation with Sally is recommended!

Mike Cruickshank

Mike is an expert in self build and timber frame construction, is a member of the Structural Timber Association (STA), regularly contributes articles to Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine, has been involved with various TV programmes including My Flatpack Home, DIY SOS and appeared on BBC TV’s DIY Donnie programme as well as delivering talks at the various shows across the UK.

Allan Corfield

Allan is a Chartered Architect and ACA’s founder, the Self Build Architectural practice, working on one-off homes throughout the UK. His goal is to provide prospective self builder’s with the inspiration, support, and education they require to build their own cost effective, energy efficient, dream home. You can read more about Allan here.


hbr 2017 summary

There will be over 240 exhibitors at the Homebuilding & Renovating show in Harrogate. You will have the chance to explore their various products and services, which can be useful in supporting your self-build dream come true. There will be companies who specialise in design, renewables, exteriors, interiors, financial services and many other services and products related to self building. It was a really difficult task, but we picked the top 7 exhibitors you should visit when planning a self-build venture:

Top 7 Exhibitors To Visit: 

ADM Systems
Stand No. M140

If you are considering the installation of a heat recovery ventilation system (MVHR), then a visit to stand no. M140 should be high on your ‘exhibitors to see’ shortlist. ADM Systems offer a full range of services such as CAD design and proposals, site surveys, compliance advice, complete installation by BPEC approved engineers and full ventilation system maintenance and aftercare packages. They also offer a ‘buddy’ service for self-builders installing their own heat recovery systems.

Clearly Automated
Home Technology & Security
Stand No. C234

Clearly Automated offer a complete range of services that cover all aspects of home automation, including home cinema, intelligent lighting, multi-room audio. They provide stunning digital solutions to make your home simply complete. Come over to stand no. C234 and check out what they have to offer.

Fleming Homes 
Structural Systems
Stand No. M198

Fleming Homes has a long-standing presence within the UK timber frame construction industry. If you want to build a timber framed house, or still considering different alternatives, come to stand no. M198 and speak to their specialists.

Doors & Windows
Stand No. B471

Award-winning glazing experts IDSystems (Stand no B471) head to the Northern Homebuilding & Renovating Show at HCC in Harrogate with a stand containing a range of innovative glazing products and systems suitable for almost any type of self-build, renovation or extension project.

Doors & Windows, Roofing
Stand No. B483

The elegant and sleek design of the Korniche Roof Lantern adds that special something to your home. Not only does the lantern bring the contemporary and classic together but it also fills your home with light, bringing the outside in, literally lighting up your life.

Professional Services
Stand No. B409

Protek Insurance provides Site Insurance and Structural Warranties for new self build, renovation, extension and conversion projects irrespective of whether the work is being carried out by builders, trades or as part of a self-build, Custom Build or DIY renovation project. We are very familiar with the self-build sector and understand the risks you face when building, converting or renovating your own home.

Smart Renewable Heat
Stand No. B411

Smart Renewable Heat provide renewable heating systems such as ground and air source heat pumps, installation finance & smart online metering and monitoring technology to ensure optimum performance. If you are thinking about building an eco-home, maybe it is worth to have a chat with the experts at stand no. B411.

The Homebuilding & Renovating show holds a plethora of information for a prospective self-builder. The recommendations we have created are (in our opinion), the best solutions for people planning to build their dream home.

However, this does not mean that the other seminars, experts or exhibitors are not worth seeing. Depending on the priorities of your project it may be more appropriate to attend other talks. It is worth the effort and time to prepare well for the show, as what you will learn will definitely influence the final outcome of your project!

Are you going to the Homebuilding & Renovating Show in Harrogate? What seminars, experts and exhibitors are on your shortlist? Have you already been to one? What are your opinions? Was it helpful? Do you have any advice for others? Share your opinions in the comment section below!

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