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Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2018 in Glasgow – Preview

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Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2018 in Glasgow – Preview

Before the first Homebuilding & Renovating Show this year we published a preview of the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows 2018 with top tips on how to get the most from your visit as a self-builder. This was followed by the complete guide on the Birmingham showToday, we are presenting a preview of the next HBR Show which is taking place at the SEC (Scottish Event Campus) in Glasgow on 16-17th June. If you are considering visiting the HBR show, you have come to the right place. We have prepared recommendations of the best seminars and masterclasses to see, and what experts and exhibitors you can speak to at the show.

HBR Homebuilding & Renovating Show Glasgow 2018

We know that being new to the world of Self Build can at times be daunting and overwhelming. There is so much information to learn and this can be crucial to the success of your project. We have therefore, created a guide, which is designed for the self-builders who are at the beginning of their journey. This guide will allow you to get the most out of the show and will support you in getting your self-build project off the ground.

The show in Glasgow is the largest in Scotland and offers almost 130 exhibitors, with 8 different seminars and 25 masterclasses. We have selected the top 5 talks from the main theatres, and the top 7 exhibitors you should speak to in order to get the most from the show.


Homebuilding & Renovating Show Glasgow

The talks at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2018 in Glasgow are divided between two theatres: Seminar and Masterclass. The talks presented in the Seminar theatre are given by some of the top experts and will educate self-builders on all the main topics needed for a self-build. Below are our top picks for the Seminar theatre:

Top 5 Seminars Theatre Talks: 

1. A beginner’s guide to building your own home
Mike Cruickshank – Self Build and Timber Frame Construction Expert at H&R Magazine
Everyday at 10:30-11:00

Discover how you can build your own individually designed home and save up to 30% compared to buying a new house. Learn how to find a plot including serviced plots for custom build, get a self-build mortgage, work out what you can afford to build for your budget, develop a design scheme and how to decide whether to use a builder, manage the project yourself or get involved on DIY basis.

2. Planning Permission: How to find your way through the planning maze
Planning Aid Scotland
Everyday at 11:15-11:45

An introduction to the planning system for self-builders and home improvers. Discover the tactics that will maximise your chances of getting consent for your new home or extension project. Learn how the system works, who makes the decisions, how to influence them, when to compromise, when to appeal and more.

3. Beginners’ guide to creating a low energy home, from Zero Carbon to PassivHaus
Allan Corfield – Self Build Expert at H&R Magazine
Everyday 12:45-13:15

The ‘fabric first’ approach to low energy home design and renovation explained. Understand the best ways to optimise insulation values, the importance of balancing airtightness, ventilation, thermal mass and solar gain, plus how to choose the right heating system including renewable energy options for heat and power.

4. How to cut build costs without compromising on quality – for self-builders and renovators
Mike Cruickshank – Self Build and Timber Frame Construction Expert at H&R Magazine
Everyday at 14:15-14:45

Discover how to build your home on a tight budget without sacrificing quality or size. Learn how factors such as your choice of materials, fixtures and fittings, design complexity, scale and effective project management all influence construction costs. Whatever your budget, this session will ensure you avoid waste and maximise value.

5. Self-build: The most common mistakes and how to avoid them
Allan Corfield – Self Build Expert at H&R Magazine
Everyday at 15:45-16:25

Forewarned is forearmed! Learn how to keep your homebuilding project firmly on the rails by avoiding the most common mistakes and disputes when buying property, dealing with neighbours, designers, builders and suppliers, plus a guide on to how best to resolve difficulties if they do arise.


Homebuilding & Renovating Show Glasgow

The Masterclass theatre will feature exhibitors who will discuss their products and share information from their area of expertise. If you are unsure of which structural system is best for your project or which renewables will be appropriate for you, there will be 25 different masterclasses which will help you to make up your mind. Below, we present our top 7 talks:

Top 7 Masterclass Theatre Talks: 

1. Don’t lose the plot! A guide to the legal issues that can arise during the purchase of your plot

16 June 10:30-10:50
McSherry Halliday Solicitors
Stand: E145

2. Incorporating Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) into your homebuilding or renovating project

16 June 11:00-11:20
ADM Systems
Stand: B134

3. All you ever wanted to know about building your own home using structural insulated panels (SIPS)

16 June 13:00-13:20
SIPS Industries
Stand: B139

4. How to fund your self-build or renovation project: a guide to stage payment mortgages

16 June 14:00-14:20
Stand: D131

5. Interior and space planning: the importance of incorporating these into the early stages of your build

17 June 13:30-13:50
Stand: E123

6. Choosing a building contractor: a guide to choosing the right building contractor for your homebuilding or renovating project

17 June 14:30-14:50
Federation of Master Builders
Stand: D101

7. Choosing the right heating system for your home

17 June 15:00-15:20
Smart Renewable Heat Ltd
Stand: E124


Homebuilding & Renovating Show Glasgow

The Homebuilding & Renovating show in Glasgow offers the chance to get first-hand advice from some of the top self-build specialists in the UK. So bring your plans, ideas and any issues you have regarding your project to the Advice Centre. This is an amazing opportunity to get valuable information no matter what stage of your homebuilding project you are at. Some of the experts you will be able to speak to in Glasgow are:

Allan Corfield

Allan is a Chartered Architect, and the Magazine’s Self Build expert – he is also ACA’s founder. As you know, ACA are a self-build specialist architectural practice, working on one-off homes throughout the UK. His goal is to provide the prospective self-builders with the inspiration, support, and education they require to build their own cost effective, energy efficient, dream home. You can read more about Allan here.

Mike Cruickshank

Mike is an expert in Self Build and timber frame construction, is a member of the Structural Timber Association (STA), regularly contributes articles to Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine, has been involved with various TV programmes including My Flatpack Home, DIY SOS and appeared on BBC TV’s DIY Donnie programme as well as delivering talks at the various shows across the UK.

Michael Holmes

One of the country’s leading property experts, presenter of multiple property TV Shows and the Chair of the NaCSBA – organisation founded to support self-builders throughout the UK. His book, ‘Renovating for Profit’, is the definitive guide to home renovations that makes a difference to the value of your property. Michael cannot be missed by any conscious self-builder.


There will be over 140 exhibitors in the Homebuilding & Renovating show in Glasgow. You will therefore have the chance to explore their various products and services, which can be useful in making your self-build dream come true. There will be companies who specialise in design, renewables, exteriors, interiors, financial services and many other services and products related to Self Building. It was a really difficult task, but we have chosen the top 7 exhibitors you should visit when planning a self-build venture:

Top 7 Exhibitors To Visit: 

1. ADM Systems
Stand No. B134

If you are considering the installation of a heat recovery ventilation system (MVHR), then a visit to stand no. B134 should be high on your ‘exhibitors to see’ shortlist. ADM Systems offer a full range of services such as CAD design and proposals, site surveys, compliance advice, complete installation by BPEC approved engineers and full ventilation system maintenance and aftercare packages. They also offer a ‘buddy’ service for self-builders installing their own heat recovery systems.

2. Buildstore
Finance, Insurance & Mortgages
Stand No. D131

For the vast majority of self-builders getting a mortgage for building their dream home is a necessary mission. Buildstore offers mortgages for clients who are either building their own house, renovating or looking for a better rate on their current house while planning a project. Come over to stand no. D131 and check out what they have to offer.

3. Music In Every Room Ltd
Smart Home Technology
Stand No. A120

The UK distributor for “KBSOUND” offering radio, Bluetooth and wi-fi boxed audio solutions. In addition, with over 10 years of experience Music In Every Room Ltd offer system design, supply and professional installation to cover all applications of audio, video, multiroom and smart homes.

4. Nu-Heat Underfloor Heating & Renewables
Heating & Renewables
Stand No. C118

Nu-Heat are award-winning underfloor heating specialists with a great expertise in integrating renewables, bespoke system design and the very best technical knowledge. As a 2018 UK Customer Satisfaction Award winner and the only heating supplier awarded a Distinction from the Institute of Customer Service, Nu-Heat is the chosen supplier for thousands of discerning homeowners.

5. Oakwrights
Structural Systems
Stand No. D139

Oakwrights are a multi-award winning company specialising in the design and construction of all styles of oak framed houses. Their unsurpassed reputation has been built on excellence of design, quality of product and professionalism of service. Oakwrights are considered one of the most progressive company in their field by successfully combining the best of modern methods of manufacturing and state of the art technology with traditional craftsmanship leading the way in 21st century oak framing. If you are considering oak framing for your Self Build you cannot miss their stand.

6. SIPS Industries
Structural Systems
Stand No. B139

If you want to build a low-energy house and are wondering what construction method to adopt, The National Homebuilding and Renovating Show is an amazing opportunity to speak with the companies offering sustainable home building solutions and to find the best one for your project. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) offer a modern, cost-effective, environmental and energy efficient solution to building construction. Come to stand no. B139 and have a chat with their specialists to find out if SIPs is for you.

7. Tangram
Stand No. E123

Tangram work with clients and architects from the earliest stages of design to specify and supply wardrobes, sliding partitions, blinds, curtains and furniture from a portfolio of leading European brands.

The HBR Show holds a plethora of information for a prospective self-builder. The recommendations we have created are, in our opinion, the best solutions for people planning to build their dream home. However, this doesn’t mean that the other seminars, experts or exhibitors are not worth seeing. Depending on the priorities of your project it may be more appropriate to attend other talks. It is worth the effort and time to prepare well for the show, as what you will learn will definitely influence the final outcome of your project!

For more top tips live from the Homebuilding & Renovating Show in Glasgow follow @acarchitects and @allan_corfield on Twitter. As Allan is part of the show team, ACA has access to some free tickets for the shows just click here and fill the form.

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