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Meet The Team – Are You Our Future Architectural Technician

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Meet The Team – Are You Our Future Architectural Technician

Our ‘meet the team’ series focuses on our company and the people who make it great!  However, this blog is slightly different than the previous articles. Instead of introducing you to a member of our team, we are reaching out to talented and ambitious graduates, who want to progress in the field of architecture.

This article is about our Architectural Technician position that we are currently recruiting for. So, if you, or someone you know is interested in working at Allan Corfield Architects, then take the time to read this article and share it with our potential new superstar.

Have you recently finished an Architectural Technician course at University and are contemplating what you will be doing next?

You probably will be thinking if you will manage to get your first job (at all), doing what you love? You are probably also thinking, will I actually get an opportunity to do what I have trained for – or will I spend my first couple of years making tea and drawing boring electrical layouts?

These are all valid questions and there is not guarantee that even with a top-class degree that you will get any job.


Well, we aim to provide a graduate Architectural Technician with a dream first job.

At AC Architects we work on exciting, unique, one off, low energy homes throughout the UK and we are looking to expand our technical team. We currently have a close-knit team of 11 talented individuals, ranging from Architects, Passive House Designer, Technicians and support staff. All led by me Allan Corfield, Chartered Architect and Self Build Expert for Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine.

Does this sound interesting? If so keep reading, if not go back to your pot noodle and get back to watching Jeremy Kyle (slight student generalisation – but I was one so, hey ho).

architectural technician cad jobs scotland architecture fife


So what will I be doing in my amazing new job?

The job will be to work with our design team and help deliver our clients’ dream homes. You will work on the detailed design stages of the project, taking an initial design and making it work. You will prepare drawings in line with the Building Regulations (Scotland & England). You will then take the drawings to a construction stage so that a contractor can build each element of the project.


Well, we don’t expect you to know how to do all of this (yet), so we will give you some amazing on the job training. You will be mentored by myself but also (and more importantly) our Senior Technician David Macfarlane.

Over a period of 24 months David will work closely with you to achieve agreed development milestones, which on completion will mean that you will become a CAD software (ArchiCAD) expert and will be able to complete the design process on your own, helping our clients to realise their dreams.

Sound good? Well, this might not be for everyone – we are looking for the best, the best of the best actually!

architectural technician cad jobs scotland architecture fife


We are looking for candidates who have studied hard, have applied themselves and made the most of the opportunities during their studies. We expect you to have qualified (or are about to) with a high grading, and to have some practical experience of the construction process.

We know what you will and won’t have covered during your studies, and know where the gaps are. With this in mind, we would expect you to have done some research and work in your own time, this should have taken into account Building Regulations and Construction types.

We work in ArchiCAD, 3D modelling software, and it would be good if you had some experience in using this or other similar software.

As we work on one-off low energy homes, it is important that you love designing one-off homes – this is what you will be spending all of your time doing.

It’s obviously not all about your qualifications…

We are a close team and you would need to fit in. You must be fun, like a laugh and be sociable – we like socialising together! If you want to find out more about people you would work with, click here.

Your role won’t solely be designing and drawing, you will be allowed away from your desk! You will meet with clients, visit sites and deal with local authorities and other consultants.


Of course, you will, and you will be getting an amazing on the job education! You will be offered an initial salary of between £18,000 – £22,000 gross per annum (dependant on the candidate), which will be reviewed every 12 months.

As we are committing a huge amount of resource into your on the job training, you will be committing to a minimum 24 months of employment.

architectural technician cad jobs scotland architecture fife


If you think you fit the criteria and are genuinely excited by this opportunity, then send in your CV and a letter stating why we should consider you for this awesome job.

If we agree with you, we will invite you for an interview, where Allan and David will talk you through the job in an informal setting.

We will also put you through a little test to see how good you are at Construction Detailing and also your Building Regulations knowledge.

So if this sounds interesting (and only a little bit scary) then send your CV and covering letter to

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