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All Other Architecture with ACA

ACA are renowned for our residential projects, however, since inception we have worked on a wide variety of architectural projects.

We take the same care and knowledge from working with our private clients into our larger commercial projects.  ACA are happy to assist with all types of projects throughout the UK, and we provide a free initial consultation.

When ACA provide a Fee Proposal for a project, the required services are split up into logical stages. These have a fixed cost and an advised timescale.

At ACA, we believe our clients should know all of the main facts and costs before committing to a project, so we work on a fixed cost rather than a percentage – that way our fee isn’t determined by how expensive your build is!

Types of Projects –

Flatted Developments – ACA are working on a number of commercial developments throughout Scotland, providing specialist design services.

Flatted development architecture

Modular Buildings – Due to ACA’s specialist experience in SIPs architecture, we are currently working on a number of developments which will utilise offsite construction techniques. These buildings will be constructed in factories as modules and assembled on site.

Modular Flatted development architecture

Kids (soft) Play Centres – ACA has completed a number of play centres for commercial clients in Scotland. We provide support for the architecture, and offer advice on the converting of existing buildings into new, safe soft play centres. ACA’s knowledge of HSE guidance and the building regulations makes this challenging conversion easy.

Soft Play Centre Architecture

Nursery & Creche – ACA has completed a number of architecture projects for creche clients in Scotland. Providing architectural support and advice in converting existing buildings into new safe facilities, ACA’s knowledge of HSE guidance and the building regulations simplifies the more challenging aspects of this type of architecture.

Nursery and Creche Architecture

Bar & Restaurant – ACA has completed a number of interior design schemes for bar and restaurant proprietors throughout Scotland.

Bar and Restaurant Architecture

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